Alzheimer’s and arthritis: Research helps our pets too!

jackrussellpixabayBiomedical research in mice doesn’t just help humans- it can also benefit our four-legged companions. Stem cell therapy- using stem cells derived from the patient’s own fat- is extremely effective in treating arthritis in dogs, cats and horses. Take a look at this video, showing the improvement in a dog suffering from arthritis. This clip is from a Dogs 101 episode featured on Animal Planet about the Bearded Collie. Pay special attention to the footage between 2:15 and 5:30!

These results offer hope to human patients as well. Clinical trials are currently underway, and some doctors are already offering treatments using fat-derived stem cells to humans. A benefit of using stem cells derived from the patient’s own fat is that there is almost no chance of rejection- it comes from their own body! If you didn’t catch my earlier post about a new stem cell therapy in mice that is actually treating Alzheimer’s, scroll down to read “Alzheimer’s Disease: Can your FAT cure it?”

And stay tuned- with these results, it will be exciting to see what else fat-derived stem cells can do!


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