Antibiotics… and the people who forget to take them

iStock_000009533761XSmallAntibiotic resistance occurs when antibiotics stop working against certain bacteria. If you’re prescribed antibiotics, and you take your medication until you feel better but just toss those last few pills, it’s likely that you haven’t gotten rid of all of the bacteria that caused your illness in the first place. Those that are left are now more resistant to your particular antibiotic. And when these resistant bacteria start spreading to other people, it can cause serious problems.

Antibiotic resistance is partly due to overuse and misuse of antibiotics. And it’s not just the bacteria to blame! We all know that most humans are pretty crappy at following directions, so it’s not surprising that antibiotic misuse is so common.

Researchers are working on the problem. By combining antibiotics with different compounds that could increase their effectiveness, it’s likely that these new combinations will be able to knock out disease-causing bacteria more effectively. And by using genetic sequencing techniques (that were developed through animal research) to understand the bacteria in question, scientists can develop drugs more efficiently and possibly learn how to neutralize bacteria in different ways. Read more here: