Breast cancer linked to teen drinking?

FemaleWhile studies in the past have shown that alcohol can definitely be a factor in the development of breast cancer, recent research has found that women who started drinking at a younger age were 34% more likely to develop the disease than non-drinkers. 34%! That’s huge!

This study found this trend in women who consumed an average of one drink a day or more in the decade following the onset of their menstrual cycles. Women who started drinking at a young age and conceived their first child at a later age were at an even higher risk.

While the reasons for this aren’t quite understood yet, it seems that the amount of alcohol consumed before a woman becomes pregnant for the first time can really make a big difference in a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer. More investigation is certainly warranted, but in the meanwhile, this new research may give your daughters an even better reason to avoid underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption. 

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