Cancer treatments: Can cutting calories improve effectiveness?

iStock_small pastaNew research suggests that restricting calories may improve the success of certain cancer treatments.

When studying mouse models of human cancer, the mice that were calorie-restricted while receiving cancer treatment lived for much longer than the mice receiving cancer treatments alone!

When we eat, our bodies metabolize the food and then produce energy that assists in protein building. Limiting the production of certain proteins could be beneficial in some cases- specifically, proteins linked to cancer!

This is significant, because not only could this be a relatively easy way for patients to increase their chances of survival, but it could also lead to new research that could identify specific aspects of our diets that may be able to increase cancer cells’ sensitivity to treatment. Check it out!

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  1. Daniel

    Hello, have you looked into stem cells therapy? It seems to be very good: my friend worksin a clinic in Mexico where they give embryonic stem cells treatment and she told me they get better result than anything else… What’s your thought about this kind of treatment? Most people that i talk with are scared because it’s so new!

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