More cocoa= less Alzheimer’s?

pixabay chocolateYes, you read that right- new research suggests that diets including specific types of cocoa could prevent Alzheimer’s! We’re not talking about the candy bars you grab at the grocery store check-out line, though… we’re talking about cocoa extract.

In Alzheimer’s patients, the accumulation of beta amyloid proteins damages nerve cells. But through a recent mouse study, researchers found that a specific cocoa extract prevents this accumulation. Lavado cocoa extract is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, and the study suggests that using it as a dietary supplement could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Because brain damage begins to occur in Alzheimer’s patients long before the onset of physical symptoms, prevention is extremely important.

This isn’t the first time the chocolate has been recommended for health benefits. Past research suggests that chocolate may lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of stroke and diabetes. Read more about cocoa and Alzheimer’s here:

2 thoughts on “More cocoa= less Alzheimer’s?

  1. R. Michael Anson

    Science would never kick ass without scientists! To anyone writing articles like this one: people worked their kicked-asses off to do this – please say who they are! :-)

    1. Science Kicks Ass Post author

      You are definitely correct, scientists are essential in order to make science kick ass! I generally write short articles that are intended to be a brief overview of new research that I find to be especially interesting. I always link back to the original press release or news story, which will certainly recognize the key players involved in the research. I generally don’t list names of scientists and researchers because I’ve come across many studies where there are over a dozen scientists listed as authors on the paper, and I don’t want to have to make a decision as to how many to list. I always encourage readers to follow my links to read the original paper, which will have many more details and will certainly give scientists their due credit. By no means am I intending to minimize the scientists’ contributions. Thank you very much for visiting, and thank you for contributing to science kicking ass!

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