No more eye drops for glaucoma patients?

Water EyeGlaucoma medication delivered through a contact lens is closer than you might think! About six weeks ago, I wrote about an article discussing the development of this type of lens through animal studies. Read about it here. And now, it looks like a Phase I clinical trial in humans could begin in as little as a year!

In animal studies, these contacts were able to deliver the proper amount of medication consistently and safely over the course of a month. Staying on a medication regimen can be difficult- I’m sure you’ve had a prescription to follow and you’ve missed a pill or two. Keeping up with eye drops is often a challenge for glaucoma patients, because they don’t relieve symptoms. The drops can prevent vision from worsening, but when you don’t have immediate relief from your medication, there’s not as much motivation to stay consistent. The novel design of this lens is pretty cool, and could make a huge difference for patients. Stay tuned- we’ll see what happens in clinical trials!

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