Pregnancy diets… for prospective fathers?!

If you have kids, you know that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant (or begins to try to conceive), there are lists and lists of recommendations- from avoiding medications to diet changes to exercise suggestions. And the father is left with the trying task of finishing up the sugary, fried and processed foods left in the kitchen… thanks, guys, way to take one for the team. But now, recent research is looking a little more closely at diets of prospective fathers- and it might be a good idea for wanna-be dads to cut out junk food and add veggies high in folate (such as spinach, sprouts and broccoli), just like Mom.

A recent study published in Nature Communications found that folate levels are linked to changes in sperm DNA. Chemical changes in DNA that are known to be associated with the development of cancer were also seen. Studies in mice showed that mouse pups whose fathers lacked folate in their diets had nearly ten times more abnormalities compared to pups whose fathers ate their veggies.

So if you’re ready to start a family, changing your diet towards healthier eating habits certainly wouldn’t hurt- and moms, make sure that Dad joins you!