Surprise, surprise… Viagara efficacy is gender-dependent

iStock_000000357228SmallAlmost 30 years ago, scientists started developing a drug to treat heart failure. They were looking for a drug that would vasodilate arteries, lower blood pressure, and reduce strain on the heart. In clinical trials to determine safety, male participants reported some unexpected side effects… you get the picture. Based on these side effects, researchers switched gears, and Viagara proved to be a very successful drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It’s no stretch to see what Viagara has done for men. But as doctors now reconsider the drug as a treatment for heart failure, new research shows that taking gender into consideration is really important. By working with a mouse model that mimics heart failure, researchers looked at the difference between females with different estrogen levels. They found that the hormone estrogen affects the potential benefits of the drug. Based on this new research, it seems that the drug only benefits female mice with higher estrogen levels.

The connection between the drug and estrogen levels shouldn’t be ignored. Hopefully this research will result in better gender-specific treatment strategies, and maybe women will get to benefit from Viagara in a completely different way! Read more here: