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Trial malaria vaccine protects thousands of children

iStock_000001797617XSmallMalaria is a disease that is spread by mosquitos, and in Africa, it kills almost 600,000 people each year- mostly children. But a large-scale malaria vaccine clinical trial involving over 15,000 infants and children in Africa has shown some promising results! There was a 46% reduction in the number of malaria cases in children who were between 5 months and 17 months old at their first vaccination, and a 27% reduction in the number of cases in children who were 6-12 weeks old at first vaccination. Fewer cases of severe malaria as well as fewer hospitalizations for the disease were also reported.

While more information can still be gained from further follow-up visits, if everything falls into place, the World Health Organization could issue a recommendation for the vaccine in 2015. And that’s good news for everyone!