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Robots performing surgery in space!

The astronautSpace surgeons: the next generation! For astronauts who need surgery in space, this small robot could literally be a lifesaver. But prepare yourself… the method sounds like something out of an Alien movie. Ready for it? This small robot has arms with the ability to cauterize and suture, a video camera head, and it enters the body of the patient through an incision in the belly button and works inside the patient’s gas-filled abdominal cavity.

It sounds pretty crazy, but it’s true! These little robots have already performed successful surgeries in living animals (pigs), and next up are trials on human cadavers, zero-gravity tests, and surgeries on human patients here on Earth.

While long-distance, remote-controlled surgeries wouldn’t necessarily be ideal for patients with access to medical care, these robotic surgeons would be the only option for astronauts on long space missions in the event of an emergency. Most activities that we take for granted here on Earth are extremely challenging in space, and it’s amazing that scientific progress is giving astronauts the option of robotic space surgeons! Read more about it here: