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Clinical trials: YOU can save a life!

iStock_000004456709MediumAre you suffering from a disease or illness? Do you have a friend or loved one who is? The answer, I’m sure, is yes. Have you ever wanted to help others with your condition, but didn’t know how? Clinical trials are extremely important parts of the drug discovery and treatment process. By joining a clinical trial, YOU can make a HUGE difference! And it’s so easy to get involved!

In a clinical trial, participants may take part in studies where they receive a new drug, medical procedure, or other treatment. A trial might compare two drugs that are already on the market to find out which is more effective, or it might compare a new drug to an existing drug or a placebo. Some trials need simple involvement, like a one-time blood sample from a patient suffering from a certain kind of cancer, and some studies are more involved. Others simply need information about the treatment you are currently using and its effectiveness.

Visit http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ to see what’s out there! Make a choice to find out if there is a clinical trial you can participate in that could help yourself as well as others.