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Children’s cancer needs big attention!

iStock_000006901657XSmallIn 2012, it was estimated that over 1.6 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. Only about 12,000 of those cases were children. While in many ways, it’s good that childhood cancer isn’t more prevalent, it’s not all good news, because children’s cancer is considered to be a rare disease and does not get the funding needed to develop the number of drugs and treatments that become available each year for adults.

Only about 4% of NIH’s funding is dedicated to children’s cancer research. So when you factor in sequestration and budget cuts, funding is cut to a critical point. 700 fewer research grants will be funded this year. The number of people who are able to participate in clinical trials is sliced in half at many institutions. Research projects will be outsourced overseas- to the lowest bidders- to countries where quality control may be compromised.

Take a few minutes to watch this beautiful video, dedicated to children who have lost their battles with cancer.


It hits hard, doesn’t it? Looking at these little angels who have lost this fight makes us sad- and angry- and it SHOULD make us want to DO something! So what can YOU do? Follow this link via the American Cancer Society to tell Congress to INCREASE funding for cancer research! http://www.acscan.org/research/ Let’s do everything we can to make sure that children suffering from cancer can blow out another set of birthday candles. Will you share this story? Will you make a difference?

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