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Hair loss solutions in 3D

bald head isolatedBalding in humans occurs when hair follicles stop producing new hair. Genetics, disease, and medications such as chemotherapy can all cause hair loss. Currently, there aren’t many options for those dealing with hair loss, and until now, while it was possible in mice, it hadn’t been possible for researchers to produce new follicles from human skin cells. But based on observations of animal cells, researchers found that mouse dermal cells grew in clumps, where human cells didn’t. From this observation, they started to try to figure out a way to make the human cells clump like the mouse cells did- and by using a new 3-D culture method, they succeeded! With this new method,┬áhuman cells stuck together in such a way that new hair follicles began to form when the cells were grafted into human skin on mice! This research is in its early stages, and it hasn’t been determined if the follicles will be able to re-grow hair, but this is a great step towards finding a solution to hair loss!