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New treatment alleviates chronic pain for man’s best friend!

istock dog and girlA dog is an important part of your family, and no one wants their dog to suffer! Near the end of my childhood companion’s life, watching her deteriorate was heartbreaking. So any advances in veterinary medicine that can allow our pets to be comfortable and relieve pain is good news! New research using a neurotoxin injection has proven successful in easing severe, chronic pain caused by late-stage bone cancer in dogs. Chronic pain is an issue that can severely affect quality of life.

This is a great example of animal research at its best. Not only was this therapy successful in dogs, but because the evolution of canine bone cancer pain is very similar to that in humans, information about what works and what doesn’t is extremely helpful in the development of new human drugs. Chronic pain in human cancer patients is a serious issue, as well, and it’s possible that humans will also be able to benefit from the same type of treatments that have helped dogs. Kind of gives a new meaning to “man’s best friend” when the research in dogs may one day help YOU!