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Measles outbreak traced to vaccinated patient

Sick boy child 2A measles outbreak traced back to a person who was fully vaccinated against the disease shows that nothing is foolproof. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy 99% of the time, your GPS system is about 95% accurate, and only 62% of people read an entire article after they’ve clicked on it. Stay with me- this one’s worth reading.

The measles vaccine is over 95% effective, which is pretty good, but still not perfect. The biggest cause for concern with recent measles outbreaks is the lack of vaccinations. That’s why delaying or avoiding vaccines is even more dangerous than you may think. As the percentage of people choosing not to vaccinate due to personal beliefs increases, the number of people who could potentially carry the disease also increases dramatically. This particular outbreak may prompt a different surveillance strategy, which is good for everyone, but the biggest harm still comes from vaccine refusal.

And we are seeing the results- so far this year, the number of reported measles cases in California is twelve times higher than it was at this time last year. This coincides with an increased number of personal vaccine exemptions filed in the state.

Still not convinced? Watch this to hear parents who found out about the dangers of NOT vaccinating the hard way. Research in humans and animals has shown vaccine safety time and time again- so please, make sure that your loved ones don’t become statistics! Now, are you in that 62%? If so, share this article with your friends!

Vaccinating your pet’s tail?

iStock_000004262922XSmallVaccinating your pet is extremely important for your pet’s health as well as your own. The diseases that vaccines prevent can be deadly, expensive to treat, and could potentially affect you and your family (think rabies). But occasionally, there are side effects to these vaccines. Specifically, in cat vaccines, a small percentage (about 1 in 10,000 cats) can develop a tumor at the vaccine site. 

Veterinarians have been able to improve vaccines in many ways to reduce the risk to your pets. A new research study shows that vaccinating cats at the ends of their tails can be just as effective as traditional vaccine sites- and in the event that the cat has an adverse reaction and develops cancer at the injection site, a tumor at the tip of a cat’s tail is more easily treated than tumors at other locations.

While the diseases that these vaccines prevent certainly cause more damage than the low percentage of cats who have adverse reactions to the vaccine itself, it is always important to keep our pets as safe as possible! Check out the link below for more information.