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Why “Not tonight, I have a headache…” is never the case with men

iStock_000016171517SmallIn yet another example of the similarities between mice and men, researchers have found that males of the mouse species aren’t very likely to turn down sex, even when they’re not feeling that great. On the other hand, feeling under the weather definitely affects a female mouse’s sex drive. When experiencing pain, female mice had much less sexual motivation than usual. But when males were experiencing pain, it didn’t have any effect on the frequency of sexual behaviors displayed.

Sounds pretty similar to a lot of human relationships. The husband of a friend of mine was in the emergency room, waiting for x-rays on his broken ankle, but still suggested that she draw the curtains so they could have a little fun. She thought he was crazy; he thought it was a valid option.

While it’s too early to draw conclusions about complex human behavior from one mouse study, the results do suggest that sexual repression in females may be more biological than emotional in some cases. Could this be evolution at work? Interesting. What are your thoughts?


Sex can make you smarter- but being smarter doesn’t mean more sex!

iStock_000012917511LargeA high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean more sex- but new research shows that regular sexual activity might make you smarter!

By studying rats that were sexually active every day, researchers found that sex increased the number of neurons created in the hippocampus (a part of the brain where long-term memories are made). Cognitive function was compared to levels seen in younger rats! But these effects only lasted while the rats were consistently sexually active.

The development of neurons can be negatively affected by stress. And while it’s common sense that sex can help reduce stress, it’s interesting that researchers are now able to show the effects of sex on the brain in this way.

Could a healthy sex life help older adults by reducing stress and improving memory and brain function? And if brain cell growth is stimulated by regular sexual activity, can sex really make you smarter?¬†Interesting study… check it out!